Historical adventure: day tour to Gori by car.

  • Tbilisi - Gori: 88.7 km

    Gori is a city with a rich history, known to most as the birthplace of Joseph Stalin. The Stalin State Museum will reveal to you the secrets of this man's life, his childhood, as well as exhibits of personal belongings and rare photographs. Visit the house where the young Stalin lived and see his personal saloon-car.
    Equally interesting is the ancient history of Gori. The rocky hill offers unique panoramas and hides the secrets of the medieval fortress of Goritsikhe, begun in the VI century. It offers picturesque views of the Liakhva and Kura rivers and the green valleys of Georgia.
  • Gori - Uplistsikhe: 14.6 km

    Continue your journey to the cave city of Uplistsikhe. This archaeological monument carved in volcanic rock is one of the oldest cities in Georgia. Uplistsikhe was a spiritual centre during the pagan era, where rituals and sacrifices were performed.
    Explore this amazing open-air museum where over 700 cave structures have been preserved. Each cave will tell you its unique story and give you a glimpse into the past of this ancient land.

  • Uplistsikhe - Tbilisi: 99 km

    On the way back to Tbilisi, the road will offer you many amazing places to stop. You will be able to stop at panoramic points to take photos of picturesque Georgian landscapes, fields and mountains, as well as visit small villages with their traditional architecture and hospitable inhabitants. You may wish to stop at one of the local restaurants or wine cellars to sample traditional Georgian food and wines.

    The return to Tbilisi will be filled with memories of a wonderful day spent embracing Georgian history and culture. Your driver will be happy to give you recommendations on interesting places in Tbilisi where you can dine and relax after a busy day.

    In addition to historical and cultural experiences, you will enjoy the comfort and convenience of our GeoDrive hire car. Let yourself be immersed in a world of Georgian wonders and discoveries with our reliable and comfortable cars.

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