How to get to Gudauri: a comprehensive travel guide

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Welcome to the page dedicated to planning your trip to Gudauri, one of the most picturesque and popular ski resorts in Georgia.

We at GeoDrive are ready to offer you the most convenient and comfortable way to get to Gudauri. In this guide, we will talk in detail about the various routes, available transport options and the benefits of renting a car from us. Be sure that by choosing GeoDrive for your trip, you will get not only a reliable car, but also an unforgettable experience of traveling along the picturesque roads of Georgia. Get ready for an adventure that starts right now!Gudauri, the pearl of the ski resorts of Georgia, is conveniently located in the picturesque Gudauri Gorge. This resort is known for its diverse slopes, ideal for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts of all levels. The winter season here lasts from December to April, offering ideal conditions for skiing

How to get to Gudauri: why is it worth visiting Gudauri?

Gudauri is a place where everyone will find something special for themselves, whether it’s exciting sports adventures or scenic hiking trails, cultural heritage or unique gastronomic experiences. This resort is ideal for both outdoor activities and relaxation surrounded by incredible natural beauty. Whether you are looking for adventures in the fresh mountain air or you want to immerse yourself in the local culture and traditions, Gudauri will offer you unforgettable experiences and warm memories

Gudauri ski slopes

This is a paradise for lovers of skiing and snowboarding. With many trails of varying difficulty, Gudauri attracts both beginners and experienced skiers. Here you will find ideal conditions for skiing thanks to stable snow cover and modern lifts
How to get to Gudauri
How to get to Gudauri

Paragliding and helicopter tours

Offering unique views of the Caucasus Mountains, Gudauri is an ideal place for paragliding. And for those who prefer comfort, helicopter tours will allow you to appreciate the scale and beauty of the mountains from a bird's eye view
Paragliding and helicopter tours
Offering unique views of the Caucasus Mountains, Gudauri is an ideal place for paragliding. And for those who prefer comfort, helicopter tours will allow you to appreciate the scale and beauty of the mountains from a bird's eye view
How to get to Gudauri

Hiking and mountain hiking

In summer, Gudauri turns into a popular place for hiking and mountain tourism. Routes of varying difficulty will lead you to amazing mountain landscapes, alpine meadows and crystal clear mountain rivers
How to get to Gudauri
How to get to Gudauri

Cultural attractions

Not far from Gudauri there are historical sites such as the Church of the Holy Trinity in Gergeti, which is one of the most photographed churches in Georgia. Visiting these places will add cultural diversity to your journey
Cultural attractions
Not far from Gudauri there are historical sites such as the Church of the Holy Trinity in Gergeti, which is one of the most photographed churches in Georgia. Visiting these places will add cultural diversity to your journey
How to get to Gudauri

Georgian cuisine and hospitality

After a busy day on the slopes or hiking, you can enjoy the rich taste of Georgian cuisine and the traditional hospitality of the locals
How to get to Gudauri

Routes to Gudauri

How to get to Gudauri from Tbilisi

The journey from Tbilisi to Gudauri takes about 2−3 hours by car. The journey begins with a trip along the Georgian Military Road, one of the most picturesque highways in the country. You can rent a car at GeoDrive directly in Tbilisi, which will give you the freedom to explore the surroundings in comfort. On the way to Gudauri, you can also visit the historic Ananuri Monastery, located on the banks of the Aragvi River.
Как добраться до Гудаури

How to get to Gudauri from Batumi

The journey from Batumi to Gudauri is a real adventure, taking about 6−7 hours. The road passes through beautiful mountain landscapes and offers travelers a unique chance to see the diversity of Georgian nature. By renting a car at GeoDrive, you will get comfort and convenience on this long journey, as well as the opportunity to stop in cities such as Kutaisi or Mtskheta to explore their attractions
Как добраться до Гудаури

How to get to Gudauri from Kutaisi

It takes about 4−5 hours to get from Kutaisi to Gudauri. This route runs through amazing mountain landscapes and is full of historical and cultural monuments. By renting a car at GeoDrive, you can enjoy traveling at your own pace, stopping along the way to visit places such as Mtskheta, famous for its ancient churches and monasteries
Как добраться до Гудаури

Where can I find the perfect car for a trip to Gudauri?

When planning a trip to Gudauri, one of Georgia's picturesque ski resorts, choosing the right car is crucial. At GeoDrive, we offer a wide range of vehicles that are perfect for your winter adventure. Our cars are equipped with everything necessary for a safe and comfortable trip on mountain roads, featuring reliability and convenience.

We understand that the road to Gudauri can be difficult, especially in the winter months. Therefore, our cars are prepared for such conditions: They are equipped with winter tires and have enough space for your ski equipment and luggage. Whether it's a family trip or a trip with friends, in GeoDrive you will find a car that will meet all your needs.

Choose GeoDrive for your next trip to Gudauri and make sure that your trip will be filled with comfort, safety and unforgettable experiences. We are here to make your adventure in Gudauri easy and carefree!

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Danil Savilov
I liked everything very much. Excellent service. We took a car for 4 days, went to Kakheti and Mtskheta. The car was delivered on time, clean and in excellent condition. We were satisfied with the car. The rental prices were pleasantly surprised.
I would like to highlight and thank Denis's employee separately. I answered all the questions and explained everything correctly. A competent specialist and a true professional in his field. We stayed in touch throughout the rental days
We will definitely contact you again next time. I recommend it to everyone. Thank you very much!!!
Egor Grigoriev
A great company, I chose a car on the website, wrote off in this sapa , agreed on a time , arrived 5 minutes And received the keys to the car. An excellent manager , showed everything , explained , told. The car is clean and well maintained. There were no problems when handing over the car. Next time, this company will be a priority when choosing a car
Sindycat Sindycat
We arrived with a group of friends during the holiday week in Tbilisi, which means that nothing works in the city. And only GEOdrive promptly responded to the request, provided us with several cars to choose from. We took a Subaru Forester, we were happy with the car, drove it across Georgia to Batumi and back. The prices are very adequate. The staff is friendly and customer-oriented, flexible. As a bonus, we were issued a SIM card with unlimited Internet right in the office for the duration of the trip. I recommend it in every possible way!
George Bagaturia
I am very pleased that I took a car from this company. For me, the most important thing is that it is a reliable company that will really provide the services appropriate in advertising. I must say that they fully corresponded to my ideas. I came for 10 days from St. Petersburg. I needed a car to visit my numerous relatives in Tbilisi, then to buy plumbing and related products for the repair of my parents' house. I can say that the Ford Fiesta met all my expectations. I've never let you down. I planned to do it in 3-4 days, but it didn't work out. I extended it for another 4 days without any problems, I carried out all the planned trips. I recommend this company to everyone who wants to save their nerves and enjoy trips around Tbilisi in a calm mode.
Sviatoslav Antonov
I rented a mini Cooper, thank you. clean as new, there is a Bluetooth. It seemed a little that the rental staff checked everything very carefully, it's OK, but on off-road trips I would take a car from someone simpler. And in order to meet a lady in white sneakers, it is perfect👍
Maksim Shcheglov
I rented a car for six days. The car was given a clean, fully prepared one. The condition of the car is very good. They also made a discount.
But the most important thing is the attitude of the employees! We helped with paid parking, any car consultations, we are always in touch. Thank you very much!
Sergey Kuznetsov
Excellent car rental service. Wonderful guys. They respond to messages within a minute. We sent the draft agreement in advance for review and discussion. The car was brought to the address at the agreed time, they told important points about the car, the contract and local traffic rules, filmed the condition of the car. The acceptance of the car took just a few minutes. I liked everything, I recommend it
Alexey Siparov
We took a car at this rental. I liked everything very much. We went to the city. The car is on good winter tires. Nothing rattled or knocked. The contract is in a clear language. We will contact you again.
Clearly, conveniently, without unnecessary bureaucracy. We took two cars for the company, went to Kakheti. Kia Sportage red is generally a fire. The white Tiguan needs a little bit of suspension, but the car is very convenient in terms of luggage capacity. Thanks to the guys, they were constantly in touch, gave useful advice. We definitely recommend it.
Ryugo Hedecki
We rented a car for 3 days, with delivery to the airport - everything was fine
Nikolai explained everything, prompted, answered all questions, thanks to him!
There are no questions about the service either, the car was issued on time and quickly, the return did not take much time either. The conditions are very simple and clear, they go to a meeting. when handing over the car, they did not find fault. The prices are very affordable. When I'm in Georgia, I'll take more from ni

Car rental in Georgia

Looking to rent a car? GeoDrive in Georgia is your reliable partner! We offer a wide selection of high quality cars and excellent service to satisfy all your needs. Enjoy freedom of movement and travel around Georgia with GeoDrive!

Popular cars

Choose your car for an unforgettable trip
  • Unlimited mileage - the daily mileage on our cars is not limited.
  • Deposit - from 100 to 200 $ depending on the car.
  • Conclusion of an agreement - we conclude an agreement in two languages ​​- Georgian (official) and the client’s language.
  • Return your car without unnecessary worries - we do not require you to pay for a car wash upon return, since the car wash is already included in the rental price.
  • We offer additional options, such as child seats, GPS navigators, SIM cards with unlimited Internet, Wifi routers, wheel chains, ski and bicycle racks and other accessories that can be ordered additionally.


AGE 21+
More than 2 years: insurance requirements are standard, without additional conditions.

Driver requirements

  • TPL (liability to third parties) - provides protection against financial losses in the event of damage caused to third parties.
  • TP (theft insurance) - guarantees protection against the loss of a car in the event of theft.
  • CDW (insurance against all damage, except glass, mirrors, tires and the underbody of the car) with a deductible of $200.

For an additional small fee we provide full insurance
Full Coverage and Full Coverage+ without franchise.


  • Guaranteed delivery of the car anywhere in the country.
  • Punctuality and reliability - we monitor every stage of delivery.
  • Saving your time and convenience - travel without unnecessary hassle.

Car delivery

  • We offer a unique car rental service that allows you to pick up a car in one location and return it in another, providing the perfect solution for traveling between cities.
аренда автомобиля в Грузии

Returning a car in another city


Car rental conditions

Insurance conditions

CDW (Casco) standard
Full Coverage
CTP. Damage to a third party in an accident
Damage to the car body in an accident
Damage to underbody and tires
Damage to glass, headlights, mirrors and wheels
Repair when the culprit has disappeared
Exemption from payment for vehicle downtime in case of an accident due to the fault of the client
Free tow truck if the client is at fault
Coverage for intentional damage to a car or gross violation of traffic rules
Registration of an insurance case for the return of a car
Yes, except tires and underbody
No, an insurance claim is registered at the scene of an accident or when damage is discovered while parked. Moving the car before registration will deprive you of insurance compensation.
Full Coverage Plus
100% damage coverage
The tenant pays for damage within the franchise limit. The insurance company pays everything else
Free tow truck if the client is not at fault
Insurance conditions

Our services include

Our cars are always in excellent technical condition, equipped with winter tires in winter for your safety.
When renting, we guarantee the provision of the selected car, agreed upon by photo/video.
Our clients receive not only car rental, but also individual attention 24/7. A personal manager is always available to resolve issues throughout the rental period. Our team of experts is ready to help at any time.
Child seats, GPS navigators, SIM cards with unlimited Internet, Wifi routers, wheel chains, ski and bicycle racks, and other accessories upon your request.
We will make your trip as comfortable as possible.
Your safety is our priority.
All cars in our fleet are fully insured, including full coverage (CWD insurance), giving you peace of mind and confidence on any trip.
We provide free technical assistance throughout Georgia, including towing, tire inflation and replacement, oil topping, batte ry assistance and other urgent issues. Prompt assistance from our specialists.
We appreciate your time. GeoDrive provides a car delivery service to a convenient location, including airports. This allows you to start your journey immediately upon arrival, without any unnecessary hassle.
We ensure clarity during the rental process, deliver the contract in advance, talk about the terms of rent and ride to Georgia, and coordinate the car by photo and video for your confident choice.
We are very diverse in accepting payments. We accept cards, bank transfers, and cryptocurrencies in any currency.
This provides convenience for our customers around the world.
Our team speaks Georgian, Russian and English, ensuring a comfortable interaction with clients.

Why do travelers choose GeoDrive?

Car rental process

Machine selection
On our website you can choose the car you like and contact us directly for further details. You can also submit a reservation request, after which we will contact you to clarify the availability of the selected car and offer alternatives if the desired car is not available
Conclusion of the contract
After clarifying all the details of the rental, we request the necessary documents, create a reservation and draw up an agreement, which we send to you for review.
Receiving a car
On the day of rent, the car is either delivered to you, or you come to our office to receive it. We inspect the car with photos and video recording. Our employee will tell you about the nuances of operating a car in Georgia, insurance options and answer all your questions.
24/7 support
We are always in touch with you to resolve any issues, from gas stations to breakdowns and payment for parking. Half an hour before the car is returned, we check for fines and notify you about them
Car return
When you return the car, we will inspect it with you for new damage. If everything is in order, a return certificate is signed and the deposit is returned. If there are fines or other conditions that affect the amount of the deposit, the necessary part is withheld, the rest is returned to you

Compare rental offers

Average price on the market
from $33
from $35
from $65
from $39
from $49
from $75
from $57
from $70
$100 on automatic transmission
$200 on manual transmission
When renting a car, you must pay a deposit, the amount of which depends on the type of transmission of the car. For all cars with automatic transmission the deposit is $100. For cars with a manual transmission the deposit is $200. A deposit is required to cover possible damages or fines that may occur during the rental period. It is refunded in full at the end of the rental if the car is returned in the same condition in which it was received and if there are no outstanding fines or other obligations

Car rental cost

Factors on which the rental price depends:
  • 1

    Car type

    Different classes of cars have different prices. Economy cars such as the Toyota Prius will be cheaper than premium cars or SUVs
  • 2


    Rental prices may vary depending on the season. During the tourist season (summer, holidays) prices are usually higher due to high demand
  • 3

    Rental duration

    The longer the rental period, the lower the cost per day. Short term rentals are usually more expensive
  • 4

    Additional services

    Services such as GPS navigation, child seats and insurance may add to the overall rental cost
  • 5


    Different types of insurance, such as theft, damage and third party liability, can significantly increase the cost of rental
  • 6

    Market State

    Competition between rental companies, economic conditions and currency fluctuations may also affect prices

Features of Georgian traffic rules

Speed ​​limits

Urban and rural zones
Vne population centers
On the freeways
UP TO 120 KM/H
Permissible excess
Ski pass Gudauri

External lighting devices

The use of low beam headlights is mandatory at night, in tunnels and in adverse weather conditions.
In foggy conditions or on difficult road sections, it is necessary to turn on the fog lights.

Transportation of children

Children under 12 years of age can only be transported in the rear seats.
It is strictly forbidden to leave children under six years old alone in a parked car.
Children under three years of age must be in a child car seat or in the arms of an adult (over 16 years of age) who must be wearing a seat belt.
The use of seat belts is mandatory for all front seat occupants, while rear seat passengers are free to wear them at their own discretion.
While driving a car, the driver is allowed to talk on a mobile phone if they do not require the use of the driver's hands (for example, through a speakerphone or a hands-free system).

Driving safety

Ski pass Bakuriani
In Georgia, known for its picturesque mountain scenery, you should be especially careful when driving on mountain roads, which can be narrow and winding.

It is important to follow road signs and exercise caution on uphill and downhill roads.

Dangerous areas

Аренда автомобиля в Грузии

Terms of use

Driver requirements


  • Less than 1 year: the insurance deductible will be 5% of the cost of the car.

AGE 21+

  • From 1 to 2 years: the deductible is set at 3% of the cost of the car.
  • From 1 to 2 years: the deductible is set at 3% of the cost of the car.
  • This age limit is a standard requirement to ensure safe and responsible driving.

Car rental with the possibility of return in another city One-Way

GeoDrive offers a unique One-Way car rental service that allows you to pick up a car in one location and return it in another, providing the ideal solution for traveling between cities.
Your ideal way to travel around Georgia with GeoDrive

Why should you use the service?

Due to the location of the branches

We don’t have to send employees on a business trip to another city to pick up a car. And you have to overpay for it.
You will promptly receive support, solutions to any problems and, if necessary, a replacement car anywhere in Georgia.

How does it work?

Simple and convenient process

Visit our website or office in Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Batumi and choose the machine that best suits your requirements.
Plan your route and let us know in which city you would like to complete the rental.
Explore the beauty of Georgia at your own pace, enjoying complete freedom of movement.
Enjoy the ride
At the end of your rental, simply return the car to the GeoDrive branch of your choice.

Car rental locations in Georgia

Frequently asked questions

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